I recently met with ORNGCHNL  assisting Monroe in her recent shoot showing off her new designs, which you should definitely check out! I was honored that he even hit me up. I am not model nor betray to be. The type of work he delivered for Asia I couldn’t help but say yes . As my boyfriend would say  “I like the vision, lets build” and that’s exactly what I did lol.

As you can you can see I need a lil music to get me going but with the bomb energy my make up artist Ashley was giving it didn’t take long to loosen up.

I take pride in being a stylist, but I also allow myself to be used for someone else’s vison. totally Orngchnl’s creative direction


Symone did my box braids, I’m the extra one adding bottle caps and jumbo pins. To be honest I got the beer caps off a young guy I seen in m brothers Meech going away party, I damn sure told him I’m taking that  idea too. HAHA!

Turtle neck; H&M, jewelry; Funkchain, custome denim; Menyelek, oxfords; Zara

BUT! me as a stylist also brought another outfit! lol just hoping I could catch the glory in his camera, he said “yes” without hesitation 🙂

Wutang graphic; Hot Topic, Corset skirt; Fromgrayscale, leather moto; Zara, Heels; Nastygal

catching me on the random and I loved every minute of it!!! I’m defiantly working with him in the future, no doubt!


jenni F*cking D

The one and only Jenni F*cking D Ladies n gentlemen! who is actually my first post on the blog to be exact, as her music turns up for the city I wanted to spice her up a little being playful and sexy. She gives me total control so you damn right this was fun lol.

We shot with Rachard wolf, well known in Baltimore for his work. and Symone did the hair and makeup, having Dime feeling like Beyoncé !!!

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I wanted look #1 to be playful with an A.m Label bathing suit and clear vinyl vest, I’m not gonna lie man, Dime’s body is awesome and definitely wore this perfectly. The plan was to have it outside but this was during a storm, still came out perfectly! keeping it playful with the visor and mirror earrings from ISLYNYC

this look was EVERYTHING! You can feel her energy through the pictures! I’m giving sexy, Mason beretta necklace just brought the fromgrayscale corset skirt and  nastygal bra together. My aesthetic ( hoeaesthetic ) is always going to come through somehow, I just can’t help it. Yet it’s still an outfit that can be worn out Downtown to the hottest clubs. Me now knowing what I can give helps me channel my own wave a little better, I love a woman’s body like art so I’ll always see sexy, always turn up on a curve. You love it don’t cha?!?!?!

Go check out Jenni Dimpeace Music from her IG link or Soundcloud, you late nowe but it’s worth it ! and she definitely has more to come !


Another one bites the dust! lol

I’m not gonna lie when Eliza hits me, I’m up and running. She always has a plan that I can just roll right into. Having the pleasure to work with Ms. Alyssa who had the magic from her cheek bones to dangerous walk! This location, around Woodberry Kitchen gave me chills of excitement, I’ve been out there with Devin aka Moody but never really ventured out to scope the sites around his studio. So this was definitely an eye opener for locations. luckily I was able to pull Monroe who designs A LOT of my pieces you see in the shoots,  come out and shoot with me. honestly love having my friends hang with me in my work element allowing some fun in this word I call “work”.

I gave her a sweet biker look to go with the Rider Blazer, and she freaking delivered



Outfit credentials, click name to go to site

Sunglasses: Gloss the label

Rider Blazer: A.m Label aka Monore

Pink Crop : AleroJasmine

Breast shorts: House of Cards

boots: Nastygal

earrings: I still love you NYC

2nd Look

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Outfit credentials, click name to get site

Dress: Discount Universe

Leather: H&M

choker:  Masonberetta

boots: Zara (including socks)

3rd look

Outfit Credentials, click name to get site

Denim: Zara

Kimono: H&M

Dress: Zara

chain belt: nastygal

heels: Zara

Oh you will definitely see me working with her again!

s/o again and again my special assistant, daughter Makenli makenli



Now, now I know what your thinking and no! I am not a model. you might see me in a few shoots. I’m very selective and only do this with my friends. More of a behind the scene type chick, but any whoo 🙂

I actually did a beautiful shoot with Charity for Symone aka Royale plush who is definitely one of my go-to hairstylist and makeup artist in Baltimore. She does her thing and always answer for my last minute self, hehe. She also holds tutorial lessons on makeup as well so I would def. check her out!

As you can see she want this look to be more playful showing her creativity, I honestly think this is needed more in the industry, art. It comes to us in so many different ways in life creating beauty. Symone gave us acentric braids and all I had to do was style, making it very easy to be simple because all the hard work was on the head lol

I was in love, I mean IN LOVE with the entire look I put on me and charity. Symone was brilliant for this one and honestly can’t wait to work more with her on future projects


I styled Charity in vintage Levis shorts, a day in june Vintage Blazer, Zara bra, Mason beretta chocker, Zara socks, stripper heels.. me love stripper heels . I think it paired perfect with her hair!

Me. Simply styled myself in a Zara mesh tee, silk strappy dress from Whitney, zara studded leather and pink socks and privileged crystal heels

Lights, Camera Action!!! the photographer that was lucky enough to shoot us were Xman and assistant Jay.

I’ll be sure to post any pics that I see from this shoot, until next time .royal 13

Vive le Beret

After a blast working wit Liz from Joccy Baker’s shoot we were excited to do more. Giving me free & open range to style, but her berets were the subject. Just swooped me right up getting to meet Sarah the hairstylist and Faye the makeup artist who also does hair. Up and coming model Elena showed off her diversity in the 4 looks. I tried to give a variety of looks with the berets. too much fun! Liz totally had a vision so it was nice to just watch my magic in motion. Literally creative light bulb on at all times.

I love this rocker faux leather heart shaped dress and printed blouse with patent leather zip up flats giving me so much innocence with an edge, like me right ? cute. I know!

this 2nd look gave me my type of street, Double Dutch type of chick on the way to the corner store for those 50cent candies. Zara cropped fringed pull-over with H&m highlighter pleated skirt and traditional Dr.Martens

The tan beret I actually thought would be hard, AHA! played myself a lil but easy breezy beautiful *giggles* you know the rest. Styling around the Forever21 lace top. it’s Simple but its me, totally giving hoe aesthetics daily. and the ladies loved it!! maybe that’s my strong suit. To top it off with my Gloss the label shades. You can tell I had her feeling herself, that’s it and that’s all I want in my clients to feel EVERYTIME!

Last but not least, this look gives me ” hand me my cig” after leaving the coffee shop reading a juicy novel lol . Free people turtleneck,  Zara striped pants and heels. My grandmothers shoulder fur, yes! He is real and bite on call! lol

The team had so much fun be sure to see me work with them again sooner then later.


Joccy Baker’s Garden in Spring 2017

Joccy Baker a well known artist and Graphic designer Baltimore grown also known as Joba party , yes Joba with them lit Parties!  Has came up with a beautiful concept with his/her denim and other apparel as well ( hint hint 😉 )

Approached me with the denim & Immediately thought Menyelek Rose, He’s a denim guru lol. Almond Denim at that! Joc was already close friends with Sydney aka @Kiingkaitlyn, making that part easy. plus she’s a gorgeous compliment for the flowers on the denim. Surprisingly I had just commented under Liz  IG photo, very cool and adventures photographer saying ” we have to work soon” I was just mesmorized by her latest work. And there we go WAH – LA MAGIC ! lol… I just wanted to say that part, hehe

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now it really wasn’t much to style, Joc wanted it simple. Men had that go to Menyelek crop from the recent spring collection I talked about in fashion week ss17 post. And these lovely vintage street motorcycle style jackets, all in Men closet. We had my baby cakes Destiny do her makeup, slaying the baby hairs. We all know how I feel about baby hairs :p and my lovely assistant Makenli


As we also look behind these beautiful ladies we see Joba himself art work right in Rose studio, perfect touch!


I had to post this pic, Makenli keeps it live! she so full of life lol


jademain manz Young Jade was in the building supporting the movement, Dope artist! Def. check him out

Fashion week Blk Heartz style


Phil Heartz a street brand designer have started on his SS17 T- shirts collection and I had the honor with styling the shoot! had the pleasure working wit Ariana and Menyelek in Phil’s BLK on BLK HRT and Floral HRT. It was too random but I’m always trying to get Men in the modeling seat, and Ariana actually coming to Owen house to purchase pieces off of Rob…. you already know me! I take advantage of any opportunity and created life right in Owen’s hallway.

this Blk on BLk heart just went on sell if you want to check it out at Heartz.bigcartel.com !

And my fav SS17 T-shirt so far is this floral, it speaks spring LOUDLY. styled in a first cut sew piece by Phil, Unisex Double Zipper hoodie and mason beretta choker . Men in some Almond Denim blk pants and them good ol Rick Owens two-tone leather sneakers .

I will be the stylist for BlackHeartz spring and Summer line so stay tuned !!


Fashion Week SS17 NYC

My return to the city after countless years missing. The air is just different in N.Y, And this particular week was all about fashion which magically gets my energy rumbling to touch someone! Main reason I came was for Support of my very good friends MenyelekRob Don, and Larry Doing a show together called relevant aesthetics SS’17.

Day 1

yup ! That’s me, being extra on the way to the show! BUHAHAHAHAHA

backstage before the show start.

I came with Jasmine, my CEO of Stylist United and Phil Heartz . Also met up with my lovely client and friend Jenni DIMEPEACE and her crew. Me and Jasmine wore one of a kind pieces made from Menyelek Rose



SNOWW: nastygal long beaded top, over dollskill mesh body suit, Denim MenyelekRose  , eels also Nastygal, the fur is my Grandma Goergana topping it off with a fraulein kink mask

JAS: Forever21 lace bra, Forever21 Mesh dress, vintage Gold waist chain, holding a menyelekRose skirt, H.M fur and Dr.Marten boots

Phil came in His own Hand painted George Condo inspired extended vest, I NEED MORE! lol I want a dress in this design I wont lie.



phil-in-showlook How cute Phil is walking in Rob Don show !!! He Dominated the show basically, everyone loved this look on him, but all black always rocks out!


A few shots I got from Roses collection, wanting to make sure he capture the art of a woman’s body, Some what soft on a lady but still edgy to make a dramatic difference in the fashion scene. Honored to be a close friend of his and watch his growth! Rose had Azarri , my fav Tink, Domyenn, Tori . All models doing a fantastic job sorry I couldn’t get each name.

rob-donRob Don himself ladies and gentlemen! I’m so proud of this young man being able to master cut n Sew pieces in the matter of 2 mts. Yes. I SAID 2 MONTHS! It makes me want to tear up even thinking about it, like a proud momma or something! I would definitely check him out! Models in his show that I know of were: Andre, Ariana, and Phil.


Last but not least Vex Bear show!! this was the only video I had but as you can see he also served a few pieces, my fav was the yellow rain coat * begins to drool. Models in had in the show that I knew of were; Jay . I call him baby hairs 😉

It was an awesome place to network, just a lot of artistic people in one room creating countless connections!


Dime Peace




Introducing Jenni Dime Peace!! A super dope new female rapper fresh in the game. I’m so honored to have worked and continue to work with this youngster. Long story short fatallyfem introduced me to her being her creative director, Dime peace being so open to my style and the clothes I had made it so much more fun! Bomb and Beautiful being BARSS FOR DAYSSS!!!! I got to pull my favorite piece from menyelekrose studio the long Denim, demanding a denim belt! and a hidden jewel ( mesh jumper) from nastygal.com. The hair stylist/MUA pixie.nani gave her this awesome look as well! One of my favorite fashion photographers got to be apart RachardWolf

Album Release Listening Party

Feb 18th

Location : exit 89

Time: 7pm-10pm , yes! I’ll be there 🙂

The Player’s Club

One day I caught myself in that one closet you never go in inside the basement, being nosy and hell of dust in my hair! but I came across some jewels, real furs! bruh. The real deal baby. Called up KidCannon telling me “Sorrento’s” after giving up my juicy ideas, and I’m glad I did. It worked out! I have the models nichelle.r & nativebby_ who I have to admit did an awesome job! They definitely showed off !! Jasi_fe and my daughter Makenli assisted me greatly in this shoot.

We used items from : Zara colored pants , Steve Madden cheetah heels, Nastygal mesh dress, thrift store gold boots, G.G closet (furs), and my fav! iconicmonroe  the brown crochet 2 pc